2012 - Worried about his class' increasing meanness towards each other near the end of their school year, Eric goes for a long bike ride. He thinks up a week-long series of lessons to regain the kindness and community amongst his students and shares the lesson on his blog.

2012 -Teachers and their students from around the world share & adapt the lesson in their classrooms.

2013 -"Erasing Meanness" reaches it's 100,000th reader. (425k in 2018)

2014 - EraseMeanness.org forms; launches website

-5000+ students participate in EM Pledge Day. (September) 

​​​2015 -12000+ students participate in Erasing Meanness Week  (April) 

Sept - 35.000+ Students Worldwide participate in 9/16's Pledge Day and reaches six continents!

2016 - EM teams up with Kevin Bacon & SixDegrees.org to launch Worldwide EM Pledge Day Campaign.

2017 Sept - Reach 120,000+ total student signups!

Worldwide EraseMeanness Pledge Day 2018

This year's event saw total student signups go north of 130,000 students pledging to take action and Erase Meanness in their lives. Students in 48 states, 8 Canadian Provinces, and 25 countries on six continents have changed the world! Kindness is universal.


Make a Difference

We believe in the power of the individual. Simple acts of kindness by individuals help eliminate behavior that reduces the spirit of others.

Be kind. 

mission & vision

We believe that every child deserves  a life without meanness. While  meanness may never  be totally eliminated, that doesn't mean we'll stop trying.

My students taught me the power of this simple lesson. Ever since I authored Erasing Meanness, I've been amazed at the power of this tangible exercise and the lasting impact it has had with students. The lesson's breadth of influence has been humbling.

I hope your child learns the power of kindness they possess and helps their world become a better place.


Husband, father, elementary educator, writer and blogger. An advocate of Social Media and its power to broadcast all of the great things happening in today's classrooms. Eric taught 6th Grade in Mishawaka, IN for 6 years and now leads the district's technology initiatives.

Our founder

Replace it with kindness.

South Korea!
Erase Meanness around the world!

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  • Worldwide Erase Meanness Pledge Day September 19th, 2018
  • Community Screening of "REJECT" Fall, 2018